Hotel Cavalletto | Hotel a Moena in Trentino
Hotel Cavalletto | Hotel a Moena in Trentino

Hotel Cavalletto in the heart of Moena: our history

The Hotel Cavalletto of today is the result of Lucia and Carlo’s shared plans, dreams and efforts, with a clear vision of the future and a solid family tradition.

The early 20th century

The building has been owned by family since 1897 when Carlo’s great-grandfather, a farmer, built a house with adjacent cattle shed. When the first tourists began to arrive, after the First World War, he decided to open a few rooms to accommodate them. Over the years, as tourism grew in the Val di Fassa and in Moena, the building was converted into a real hotel.

Our philosophy

We like to think that Hotel Cavalletto is a Moena landmark. It was born as one of the first tourist facilities in the area, when mountain tourism in the Dolomites was in its infancy. We have grown over the decades, keeping pace with the times, adapting to new needs and meeting new challenges.
But while our idea of hospitality has adapted to the demands to an ever-changing world, it’s always been accompanied by a sincere smile, a warm welcome and the desire to help you enjoy the Val di Fassa and its people. We have forged a real friendship with some of you, who we look forward to seeing every year, while many others have remained in our hearts even after only a few days.
Because this has always been our home and you are its welcome and valued guests. We want you to take the memory of happy occasions and scenes of great beauty home with you.
‘Great things are done when men and mountains meet.’
(William Blake)

Changing to stay in your hearts

Renovations and extensions were regularly made to the hotel until, in the late 1980s, it was all but demolished and rebuilt to the most modern standards of the time. In 2010 major expansion and renovation work was again carried out, making the Cavalletto Hotel one of the most up-to-date and popular hotels in the area. And since then, we have never stopped fine-tuning and upgrading to keep in step with the times and meet our guests’ every need.

Hotel Cavalletto | Hotel a Moena in Trentino