Hotel Cavalletto | Hotel a Moena in Trentino
Hotel Cavalletto | Hotel a Moena in Trentino

A wellness holiday in Moena

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to an oasis of peace where you can rediscover your own rhythms in the calm and quiet of our wellness corner.
If you’re looking for a wellness facility in the Val di Fassa but also the warmth of a family-run hotel, we can offer you both here at the Cavalletto.
Holidays are the perfect time to pamper your body and mind and give yourself the attention that you’ve missed out on during the rest of the year.

Sauna and Turkish bath

Imagine the pleasure, after a day of activity, of cleansing your body with the dry heat of the sauna, the sizzle of water on hot stones, or the intense steam and the scent of oils in the Turkish bath. Regenerating and purifying, this is a moment you can enjoy alone or in company that will leave you feeling renewed and ready for a restful night’s sleep.

Hot tubs and experience showers

The caress of the water and the firming power of the hot tub for a moment of peace just for you. Alone or in company. The pleasure of just doing nothing, except to be lulled by the movement of the water or the colours and scents of an emotional shower. Water’s power to restore our well-being can be rediscovered in these small moments of enjoyment.

Salt cabin

Halotherapy, or salt therapy, can be used to treat countless maladies. This alternative treatment involves exposure to the sodium chloride particles floating in the air in this room made almost entirely of salt crystals. Numerous studies have suggested it can be effective for respiratory diseases, especially if chronic. A real moment of wellness and care in a relaxing and intimate setting.